Not synced, what should I do?


  1:Uninstall the gold blockchain application
   2:delete the three files, (Backup the mnemonic before deleting)

3:Download the gold blockchain application https://www.gold.gl/download/ and Install gold wallet After the installation is complete, close the application or Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end the task manager gold process
(1) download gold blockchain database file : download gold blockchain database
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(2) Copy the file that you have downloaded into the file directory: C:\Users\Administrator.gold\mainnet\db
(3) Select "Replace blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite and peer_table_node.sqlite file"
(4) Re-open Gold Wallet and wait for the synchronization process to complete.
(5) If you can't sync at this time, Manually add IP address/host and Port : node1.gold.gl 14444

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