How to recover your 7/8 NFT block reward?


1.How to recover your 7/8 NFT block reward? (Windows)
     If you won a block with a NFT plot. Your reward in your wallet shows you a balance of 0,125 GL. After a week you can recover the     remaining 0,875 GL, by going to the Recover tab left in the GOLD GUI.
   (1):Open chia, Click Pooling, Copy the Autogenerated name from pool contract address, paste it to Pool Contrace Address. 
     (2):   Click Search, display how many GL.
     (3):Copy the Chia Launcher Id and paste it into the GOLD NFT Launcher ID input address.
   (4):   Finally click RECOVER to complete the recovery. It can take a few minutes before you see them appear in your wallet.

2. How to recovery from nft ( Linux )
   $ gold wallet  recover_pool_nft --contract-hash $CONTRACT_ADDRESS --launcher-hash $LAUNCHER_ID -f $FINGERPRINT

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