How many to staking gl and how to staking gl or how to withdraw gl?


      Staking is a mechanism that will allow you to manipulate your estimated time to win.
      Staking the default is 20.05 ,For example, you have 100T, if you do not staking, it is approximately equal to 4.9875T; if you staking 100GL, it is equal to 100T,if miner stake 1000GL,approximately equal to 169T, this is your personal difficulty. the simplified formula will look like this your personal difficulty x estimated time to win:  https://chiaforkscalculator.com/gold

Here you have to input two variables
Staking amount: the amount of GL that is or will be in your GL staking wallet address
Plot Size: amount of your plots in TiB
The output is your difficulty factor, in my case 0.941
So now let's use the simplified formula to calculate our real estimated time to win.
Difficulty factor x estimated time to win = real estimated time to win 
In my case that would be 0.941 x 4 hours = 3.764 hours to win a block,24 hours about 6.37GL
   Buy GL for staking Gold! You need 1 GL for 1 TB of your  Gold farming Netspace.
 p.s. On our farm 174TB, without staking we receive 1 coin for 3 days, with staking 5-6 coins for 1 day. Please see screenshots

So, how to Stake gl ? how to withdraw gl?
Enter the amount that you want to stake in the tab of Stake then click STAKE to confirm. If you need to withdraw your gl, just click WITHDRAW. That is it.

   Linux staking https://github.com/goldcoin-gl/gold-blockchain